It is Written For Derek Walcot,   Written by Hermina Marcellin on 11/29/11

Hermina Marcellin is a poet, writer and actress. Hermina performs professionally throughout the United States and addresses issues on politics, love and self-empowerment through her poetry. An alumna of Medgar Evers College, Hermina is Currently working on a graduate degree in Teacher Education. Hermina is also working on a book of poems titled “Poetic lyrics,” which she hopes to publish in the near future.  

It is Written For Derek Walcot 

I’ve been Coloured, black                                                                        

Black, Nègre, painted black faced

Blended with Negritude

From the inside, I’ve bled

Red. Redundantly called,

High yellow, mulatto

Till I pass

Afrikaner through my afro

And burned, circular flames

Through those fiery crosses,

A traitor in my system,  

To change this fragmented


Into a Renaissance.



I’ve been legend,

And born again. Godless

Spiritual but not religious.

Not white enough,

Not African enough

A problem too simple to solve

I’ve danced with the devil

By looking at my reflection on the wall.

Migrate out of me Africa,

Mama with no ring on her finger

Illegitimate child I am

With all that history,

Who’s fragile enough to tell my story?