Phoenix Rising,  Written by Hermina Marcellin on 01/30/15 

Hermina Marcellin is a poet, writer and actress. Hermina performs professionally throughout the United States and addresses issues on politics, love and self-empowerment through her poetry. An alumna of Medgar Evers College, Hermina is Currently working on a graduate degree in Teacher Education. Hermina is also working on a book of poems titled “Poetic lyrics,” which she hopes to publish in the near future.

Phoenix Rising

The Lord gives sleep to those he loves,

Maybe that's why I've been losing sleep lately.

These lines under my eyes

Connect with visions that make satan look saintly

Go ahead and summon hell,

I'm living this reality;


Death by a choke hold with no indictment from the grand jury

When that black body got shot,

Seems to me like we're repeating this history? They say in death there's no mercy

Since there's nothing serious in mortality.

So when blacks commit crime against their own kind,

Don't you dare blame society

Parce que nous ne sommes pas Jésus Christ

Je suis Charlie!


Jesus Christ, Boko Haram came riding in like a bloody prophecy

And ISIS, Isis gave a new meaning to Egyptian deity.

Who will resurrect what have been strewn about the earth In the name of blasphemy;

Allah, why hath God forsaken thee? Seven plaques, poured seven times, from seven bowls,

Let's multiply the many ways to assure me that we will never be,

Let's see, that's three hundred and forty three.

Add that to the victims of ebola plus 0.01% of empathy from the wealthy.


Let's not even talk about slavery,

Cause that right there will lead us to the root of our atrocity,

And fools with that type of money will walk through the vanity of a twisted mentality

Believing we could part the reed sea. This goes beyond Christianity,

Into a spiritual atonement with humanity.

God is love, but could you could you could you, be loved,


Like the great Bob Marley, something like Garvey, like feeding the needy, like positivity,

Like asking for mercy, clothed in divinity, something so holy

Or are we doomed, not by creed, nor by race, or religion but by our own will,

Are we doomed, like armageddon waiting to boom

Like the big bang kicking God out of his own room

Like sexism, when I just said "his", ain't that just like racism?

Negro please.We've been through the fire,

Check out our attire, we're now niggas in Paris!

We've gone Hannibal Lecter Clarice,


Flesh of our flesh, blood of our blood,

We serve to Bahal as a dish, told you I can't sleep,

Our iniquities run deep

I pray that all who wish,

Will appear as stars like David, roar like Judah, Solomon's order to

Say something, say something, say something